Monday, March 12, 2007

Thank you!

Thank you! :D

Wednesday, January 10, 2007



It's been a really long time since I posted in here. The reason for my disappearance after the Hyderabad gig could well be the things that have happened after I left Hyderabad, joined my job in Noida and now I'm back in Indore doing what I've always love doing.

Someone was right; it's not good to make commitments on things you are not sure of to happen in the time to come. I did that, and bang! was slapped by reality. Someone 'anonymous' was right when he commented on my love for TCS post that I won't stay there for more than a year. I didn't stay there for more than 3 months, the reason being personal goals.

I'm very happy to be back and near to my hometown. I'm back with the same set of college friends I used to jam with in the college days. The songwriting process is on, so is composing process and playing covers but that would still take some time. I feel so satisfied doing what I've always loved to. No idea where our band would be in some 7-8 months from now till we practice.

No commitments this time, I don't want to be slapped again. And I'd try to be regular in updating the blog from now on because these days I feel I get some free time in office these days, which I'll invest here.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Live Inferno, OFD Pub, Hyderabad

This post was saved in the drafts section of my blog. Didn’t get time since the time I saved there, and so the post got late.

I was lucky enough this time to catch up a gig here at One Flight Down Pub, which is quite famous for gigs. Before I was leaving for Hyderabad some two months back I was expecting that I'll definitely get a gig somewhere around the city. I missed one gig - that of a band called Wreakage (don't remember the name, because I was told so). The gig started with Kamoflagodz and after the soundcheck on "Keep on rocking in a free world" the front man announced that the band is now changing their name to Ethereal Rush. They played an OC (I suppose it was called "Still we believe" something), which was good. I downloaded this from RSJ few days back. And then there were some great Iron Maiden covers - Fear of The Dark, Wasting Love and then again an OC, which initially seemed soft but had good drumming in the end by Jaideep and great riffs, loved this song. The last one was their very famous cover of Iron Maiden’s Hallowed Be Thy Name. I sang along, and banged my head for the full set with the band being feet or two distant from me. This seriously was a great experience. I forgot to mention, in between there was one more cover - "Breaking The Law".
Next band was AfterDeath. I had heard a lot about them before coming to Hyderabad and I followed the reviews of most of the gigs they played in Hyderabad, at RSJ. The set was so damn brutal. Two Six Feet Under, and two Sepultura covers, and two OCs - I was crazy banging my head for the full set! The OCs were kickass. I'd like to see them release their EP soon.
The band headlining was Devoid, from Mumbai and which should I say about then.. They owned! With a soundcheck ("Dead Skin Mask" by Slayer) they started off this very speed/thrash metal set. Then came some great OCs, of which I liked their latest song the most, plus "Black Fortress", "Kali" and "Devoid of Emotions". The covers they played were "Angel of Death" and "Possessed". There was some serious moshing and crazy headbanging throughout this set. Though I did not mosh but I stood there for full 3 hours in the front row (would you call that a front row?) headbanging. Having experienced only two gigs in the past, this gig definitely was the most kickass gig I've ever been too. The Hyderabad crowd was good, too many people turned up for the same. Good moshing and extreme heabanging, what more would a metalhead want!

Some days back I read an interview of "Nile" on which spoke of the spirit of metal brotherhood. Here's an excerpt from the same:

"Q: I think it truly pays you off when you go on the stage and see that excited crowd in front of you – headbanging and yelling your name from the top of their lungs...
A: Yeah, that’s rewarding. I think the important thing though is metal just survives and continues, then metal people have to be able to come together and the metal show is where you league with all your other metal fans – and other metal people that are just like, but you don’t know. But you know what, we are all pretty much the same and a metal fan from here, is not drastically different from – in spirit, a metal fan from Canada, or England, or Belgium, or Marocco, or Japan or Australia; we are all metal people. And I think metal is what brings us together, and that is the beautiful thing about metal shows. It’s not necessarily just about having a minute of glory. I mean, that’s ok, but I don’t think about that. I really believe metal is an international language of solidary which we all metal fans share together. The brotherhood, the spirit we all feel, whether we are all headbanging together or in the moshpit or throwing goat horns with each other – man, that spirit is empowering; that’s the great thing about metal. People say bad things about metal because they don’t understand it. It’s a communal spirit. Manowar is kinda cheesy band – ok, but when I was a kid, man, their spirit of metal brotherhood was just empowering; you felt like raising your fist and, you know, fuckin´ throwing up the horns and saying: “Death to false metal...!!” - or whatever, and that spirit continues, no matter what band it is, being it Morbid Angel, Behemoth, Cannibal Corpse or whoever the fuck it is. As long as that spirit is alive, then, you know, we are strong.
Q: Those were wise words for sure, but it’s sad that MTV´s way to think about metal is way different. They show bands like Korn, Deftones, etc. – and say these bands are metal...
A: They are not metal..."

So true!

PS: It’s 22nd today and today is the release day for us at TCS-ILP, Hyderabad. Tomorrow, I’ll be back at home.

Friday, July 28, 2006

TCS Delhi Finally


Finally, I've got TCS Delhi as the place I'll be working in, after I leave from TCS-ILP in Hyderabad although a written statement about the same is yet to come.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

TCS ILP, Hyderabad Pt. 3

Every time I get a lab session I make sure I use it in blogging! The lab session we just had was more of a free session. We used this session for analyzing everyone’s' vocal capabilities, singing songs and giving feedbacks!
Last three days weren't that good in terms of health. I was down with throat infection and viral fever. Thanks to the expensive but nice dose by the doctor I went to, for a checkup. That doctor at the first look looked more like a compounder but like every appearance centric story this too had an 'appearances-are-deceptive' ending.
Saturday was more of on bed. On Sunday, most of my friends went to Mount Opera, a amusement theme-park/water-park here. I was again on bed and I had no good option than order things from the restaurant as room service and watch movies. I saw Freddy Vs. Jason - I was waiting since a long time to catch up this movie sometime. Then Elektra, and Anger Management.
Our allocations should come out soon. I've filled in the preferences as Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad in order. News, rather rumor is that we'll be notified of the allocations today.

Monday, July 17, 2006

TCS-ILP, Hyderabad Pt. 2

I've been able to blog a bit since last few days from Hyderabad but I haven't been able to check other blogs, even those of my blog friends. Sorry for the same. I'm going to do it next time I get a free session in lab, or whenever I don't feel like having lunch.

Life here is good and the TCS' ILP programme is just awesome. Unlike the training at other places, which focus only on the core technical part, it focuses more on communication skills, etiquette, and grooming and similar aspects too. We regularly have presentations, role-plays, speeches, and written exercises. The good thing being that it's all dynamic with a team change for every activity. That has, in very few days, made the class very interactive. I've lately realized the difference between learning and training. After every presentation or role-play or any activity we people gather and share views on each one of us as a team, that is evaluate each other. Also recently, we've received our stream will be working on (projects) for the next few days. It's UNIX and C++. Also the foreign language facilitated to us is Japanese. Recently we visited TCS' Deccan Park campus for some knowledge transfer about the systems in TCS. Deccan Park is one beautiful TCS campus with a good cafeteria, conference halla, gym, cubicles, and probably so much more that I couldn't see or know of.

Also we'll soon be asked about the preferences of where one wants to get allocated to. Though still confused, the blurry image in my mind speaks of Pune, Hyderabad and Delhi.

I've missed my lunch and am here in the lab to update my blog and read others. I should better be ending this and moving on for I have an LS session in 15 minutes from now.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

More Hyderabad

Here's an excerpt from the recent mail I sent home:

Luckily, we got good amount of Internet here at CMC-TCS Hyderabad today because the faculty for the lab wasn't present. After SO long, I felt good to be in touch with everyone at orkut and that SO long was about 4 days. Long before I thought life without Internet would be
miserable. It actually isn't, for the day looks like it has been packaged nicely. I set the alarm for 5 AM every night and get up by around 5:30 AM (today was an exception when I got up late at around 6:45 and still managed to board the bus) for the days when we have ILP. The bus leaves around 7:20 from the hotel and we reach CMC around 8:15 AM, have our breakfast at the cafeteria. I found everything good except Uttapam and some weird Tomato Bath. Then classes from around 8:30 to 6:30 except for the lunch and some coffee breaks in between. We have a 'Coffee Day' vending machine here and I'm like having almost 4 coffees now since the last day. We get back to the hotel at around 7 and then leave for dinner at around 8:30 PM. Till now we've been able to find a single place near by - Krishna Sagar Restaurant that has the North Indian food - a limited thaali for Rs.40! I forgot to mention the TCS lunch; it's kind of ok.

Hyderabad as a place is nice. I've visited Charminar area, have had biryani once and I seriously have never tasted such biryani before. Plus the Husain Sagar Lake, and the Laser Light Show and this mall Prasad's when we went to INOX for a movie! There's so much more left to visit.

Tomorrow 's off, I seriously need some rest so I'll sleep rather than visit places. I'm writing this from the TCS-CMC lab and it seems it's the time for coffee break.